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How do I stabilize knit fabric?

Stabilize Knits

Seams and edges of knit fabrics often need to be stabilized to prevent stretching and distortion. To stabilize these areas without losing the stretch characteristic of the knit, use clear elastic. Clear elastic can be sewn onto the edge of the fabric for a narrow hem or sewn into shoulder seams to add stabilization.

How do I work with fabric cut on the bias?

Bias Cut Garments

Garments cut on a bias are cut on the cross grain; true bias is a 45-degree angle from the straight grain weave. Add about one inch to side seam allowances to adjust for stretch and movement of fabric. To reduce stretch during sewing, press the cut pattern pieces of fabric to ease out some of the stretch and then remark seam lines.

How can I save time cutting fabric?

Stack Cutting

When cutting several items from the same pattern, you can stack cut them to save time. When laying out the fabric, separate each layer with a layer of tissue paper. Start with tissue paper on the bottom. Make sure that the folded edges of all layers match up exactly.

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