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What color thread should I use?

Thread Color

When choosing the color of thread, the general rule is to choose one shade darker than your fabric, if you cannot get a perfect match. For top-stitching and decorative stitching, you can choose a matching or contrasting color.

What kind of thread should I use?

Thread Weight

It is important to choose the proper thread for the type of fabric and type of project being done. All purpose thread serves most fabric weights. Denim would require a heavier weight thread and silks and finer fabrics require a lighter weight thread.

Do I need to preshrink my zippers?

Preshrink Zipper

If your garment will be washed, preshrink the zipper to avoid puckering. Preshrink by soaking the zipper in water until the zipper tape is saturated, press it flat with an iron set on low heat and let it dry. Be careful not to use a hot iron or the zipper teeth may melt.

Can I shorten a zipper?

Shortening Zippers

Non-separating zippers can be shortened by sewing (by hand or machine) over the tape several times about an inch below the desire length. Cut off the excess zipper. Separating zippers must be shortened from the top. Hand sew a new stopper on each side before cutting off the excess zipper tape.

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