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How do I press seams without getting imprints?

Seam Imprints

To avoid seam imprints on the right side of the fabric, place a strip of brown paper bag between the seam allowance and the garment before pressing.

How do I get rid of scorch marks?

Rub Out Scorch Marks

If you scorch wool fabric by using an iron that is too hot, rub a nickel on the scorch mark. The scorch mark will disappear. Be careful to use a clean nickel on light colored fabrics.

How do I iron fabric?

Press As You Go

When sewing, never sew over an unpressed seam. Always press the seams as you go. This will make sewing easier and will improve the quality and hang of your finished garment.

How do I iron fabric?

Ironing vs. Pressing

Ironing is done by using a back and forth motion. Pressing is done by using an up and down motion. Ironing can stretch the fabric out of shape and cause wrinkling and puckering on finished garments. Always press.

How do I iron fabric?

Cool It

To keep freshly pressed fabrics and garments from getting wrinkled, allow them to rest and cool down on the ironing board for a couple of minutes before moving them. If you are in a hurry or just impatient, use a fan directed at the ironing board to cool down the fabric and set the press.

How do I remove creases in fabric?

Setting and Removing Creases

A solution of one part water and one part distilled white vinegar will remove an old crease and/or set a new one. Dampen a press cloth with this mixture and press with as hot of an iron as the fabric will allow. Press until the press cloth is dry. The vinegar smell will dissipate as the fabric dries.

How do I clean my iron?

Cleaning Your Iron

Irons get dirty and pick up color from the fabric dye. Clean your iron periodically, especially if sewing and pressing light colored fabric. The best way to clean the soleplate of your iron is with a commercial hot iron cleaner, sold at fabric and sewing supply stores. This product is very easy to use.

What pressing tools should I have?

Seam Roll

A seam roll can be used to press areas that are hard to lay on a flat surface, like a sleeve. They also provide a curved surface for pressing seams without leaving imprints from the seam allowance. If you do not have a seam roll, roll up a newspaper or magazine and cover with a terry towel or insert in a wool sock.

What pressing tools should I have?


Use a clapper to flatten seams after pressing. A clapper can reduce bulk and make fabric lay flat. Steam press the seam or area. Press the clapper over the area to seal in the heat and moisture. After about a minute, the fabric or seam will lay perfectly flat.

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