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What is the best way for me to store sewing supplies?

Clear Boxes

Clear stackable boxes are great for storing sewing supplies. Clear shoe boxes are great for notions. Larger boxes are great for projects; keeping fabric, pattern, and notions stored together. Covered boxes are great because you can stack them up to save space and they keep the dust out.

What can I use to store sewing gadgets?

Peg Board

Peg boards are great for storing sewing tools. Sewing tools such as scissors, rotary cutters, tape measures, point turners, and lint rollers can be hung up. The more things that can be hung on the wall, the less you have taking up your work surfaces.

How can I store sewing machine needles?

Sewing Machine Needle Storage

The best way to keep all those little needle boxes organized is to store them in a standard plastic business card holder, from any office supply store. It will hold about fifteen boxes of needles, standing three across by five deep. Keep your needles sitting right next to your machine.

How should I store my scissors?

Scissor Storage

Scissors need to be accessible, but in a safe place. A purchased scissor block (similar to a kitchen knife block) from a sewing specialty store works well. Other storage solutions are drawer or hanging on a hook. Mark your scissors “for fabric only”.

What can I use to store sewing gadgets?

Storing Sewing Tools

Small baskets are great for storing sewing tools and gadgets. I like wire or mess baskets better than wicker because they are easier to clean. The tiered wire fruit baskets that hang from the ceiling are great for storing your supplies without taking up table space.

How can I organize my thread?

Storing Thread

Thread gets brittle and breaks when it gets old. Storing thread in airtight containers, such as Ziploc bags, will keep it from drying out as quickly. Thread exposed to sunlight and heat will break down more quickly.

How can I organize my thread?

Thread Organization

Thread can be stored in drawers, containers, or on purchased thread racks. If you use racks, make a dust cover out of fabric or plastic. If using drawers or containers, organize them by color for easy comparison and place spools so that color is obvious without having to pick up every spool.

Where can I store things in my sewing room?

Book Cases

Make simple curtains to cover the front of wooden book cases. Use the long thin spring curtain rods attached to the inside of the top edge of the book case for hanging the curtains. You now have enclosed cupboards for storage.

Where can I store things in my sewing room?

Under the Table

Make a curtain that will reach from the edge of your cutting table to the floor. Attach it to the table with adhesive loop and hook tape on the table edge and sew on tape on the top of the curtain. Attach the curtain around the table. You now have another storage area to keep things out of sight.

How often do I need to clean up my sewing room?

Keep it Clean

You will sew more productively when things are organized and clean. Stay on top of it! Clean up your sewing area before starting a new project. Vacuum and wipe off work surfaces to pick up lint, thread clippings and fibers from the last project.

How can I keep my button organized?

Organizing Buttons

Plastic floss boxes work great for storing buttons and closures. There are several rows of small compartments for separating and storing buttons, snaps, etc.

How should I store patterns?

Storing Patterns

Patterns can be stored in a filing cabinet or boxes. Cardboard file boxes work great for patterns. If your pattern collection is large, sort the patterns by style (dresses, separates, children, etc.) or by size. Be sure to clearly label the outside of the boxes.

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